High density polyethylene. It is widely used, for example, for the production of caps for PET bottles, baby bottles, water pipes, gas pipelines, chemically resistant pipes, fuel tanks for cars, containers for detergents, and welded products.

The widespread use of HDPE in industry and in life is explained not only by its high characteristics, but also by the comparatively cheap production. The ease of imparting any shape under conditions of heating above the melting point makes it possible to manufacture various products from it, so the granules of this polyethylene become the raw material for the manufacture of the following necessary materials:

The following products are produced by extrusion of HDPE: films — smooth and bubble, film sleeve for the manufacture of packages, communication pipes, insulation of electrical cables, sheet and mesh materials. Household chemicals containers, cans, barrels, etc. are blown out of it. Under pressure cast: household goods (toys, dishes, tools, products for the kitchen and bathroom, lids for cans, bottle packaging, etc.), sewing and furniture accessories, components for various appliances (cars, household appliances, etc. ). Formed by the rotor method: tanks, road blocks, large-scale structures in the form of playgrounds, wells, overpasses.