About Us

The company "Danimar" was founded in 2010 and today is an exporter of polymer raw materials in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

We offer a wide range of polymers used in various industries: for the production of packaging, consumer goods, as well as in the construction and automotive industry. The range of company’s polymers includes European and Asian manufacturers.

All products are certified and comply with European and international quality standards.

If at this moment we do not have the necessary raw materials for you, we will try to find materials that meet your demands.

Danimar is an official member of «GREEN TECH ASPIRATION» partnership and has legal rights for «FOR GREENTECH ASPIRATION» ecomark

We invite you to cooperation

We consider the choice of the payment currency.
We assist in customs clearance.
We will choose the optimal delivery method of raw materials.
We will offer you the optimum payment terms.