Non-standard material that can be used in the production of extruded polystyrene, added to concrete in the production of building blocks, in the creation of paints and varnishes and adhesives, for the preparation of molding mixtures, coatings of casting molds and even for production of outdoor furniture.

Extruded polystyrene foam has a wide range of applications: thermal insulation of foundations, layered masonry and plaster facade, roofing (inversion, traditional, exploited, etc.), floors, including "warm". Also, extruded polystyrene is used in the construction of roads and railways, reducing the risk of freezing of the subgrade soil and subsequent freezing and swelling (frost swelling of the soil). The material solves the problem of thermal insulation of sports fields, refrigeration units and ice arenas.

Due to the combination of heat insulating material, which are polystyrene granules and concrete in one product, it is possible to obtain an optimal combination of characteristics for a building material — resistance to decay, hydrophobicity, the highest indicators of load-bearing characteristics, heat insulation, fire protection, sound absorption, frost resistance and freezing / thawing periods (service life).