Low density polyethylene. Most often used for the production of films, which are mostly transparent and soft to the touch (as opposed to films of HDPE). It also serves for the production of cable insulation, shrink packaging, plastic bags, containers, baskets and boxes, slides for children's playgrounds, modifications of asphalt mixtures.

It is a light elastic crystallizing material with heat resistance without load up to 60°C. Different brands of LDPE allow cooling in the range from -45 to -120°C. It has good dielectric characteristics. In addition, it is characterized by significant chemical resistance, with the exception of fats and oils. LDPE is biologically inert and easy to process. Differs in the increased resistance to radiation.

One of the best polyethylene casting and extrusion. Allows you to get as a film of different thickness and molded parts (device enclosures, polyethylene pipes, winding for cables, etc.). Due to its excellent transparency and antiseptic properties, it has also found wide application in medicine and food packaging. A large number of implants and prostheses are made of polyethylene LDPE, which is neutral to other materials and skin tissue and does not cause adverse reactions. Another large group of products made from LDPE polyethylene is children's toys.