The transparent and brittle polymer is called general purpose polystyrene. It resembles plexiglass — for example, it can be used in the manufacture of ballpoint pen bodies, packaging, tubes used in healthcare, laboratories, etc.

General purpose polystyrene is also called transparent polystyrene due to its properties. It is a fragile and brittle material, easily deformed as a result of shocks or minor cuts, much less flexible and elastic than high-impact polystyrene. High sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation limits the applicability of this polymer. At the same time, high transparency (up to 98%) makes it possible to widely use general purpose polystyrene for interior glazing as a cheap alternative to plexiglass.

Sheets of transparent polystyrene have high rigidity and chemical resistance, therefore they are used for the manufacture of packages for various purposes, including in the food industry. For the manufacture of lighting used heat-resistant brands. Transparent polystyrene can be painted in different colors, have a textured application, etc.